Our Farm

Call us old fashion, but we believe there is unparalleled quality and beauty of cultivating cannabis under the sun. At Binx Buds we use a greenhouse light-deprivation (light-dep) technique to lower our carbon footprint while still competing with indoor flower. Our dedicated crew pulls light hindering tarps everyday during flower seasons resulting in quality flower harvested before the rainy fall weather hits. Using the light-dep system, allows us to control when our flowers start their bloom cycle to guarantee quality crops despite our unpredictable fall weather in the PNW. In conjunction with our light-dep greenhouse system we organize our plants in a mono-crop style fashion. This allows us to dial in each greenhouse specific to the needs and characteristics of each strain. At Binx Buds we will always fondly look back at our roots in indoor cultivation, but are excited to what the future holds while lowering our carbon footprint and bringing you a sun grown-certified product.

Processing Crew

Remember the show MTV cribs? Specifically the part when the person walks into their bedroom and says, “This is where all the magic happens,” with a corny smile. Well… That’s processing in a nutshell. All jokes aside, our processing crew is made up of a very dedicated hardcore bunch of souls working around the clock to make certain you don’t run out of your favorite Binx Buds products. Our team does a dry hand trim on all our buds minutes before being packaged to guarantee the freshest fragrances and flavors when you pop open one of our containers.