Binx Flower


"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints." -A campers motto.  It is our responsibility to protect our backyard and Binx Buds brings that campers mentality to our farm.  Binx Buds is cultivated using Light-Dep hoop houses which lowers the carbon footprint simultaneously bringing higher quality sun grown cannabis. Once our buds are graded for size and quality Binx Buds is packaged in recyclable bottles to keep your buds protected through all your adventures. We sell 1gram and 3.5 gram quantities for packaging to fit the active lifestyles of our average consumers. 

Binx Pre-Rolls


Joints are the staple of every backcountry safety meeting.  Whether your hanging off the side of a cliff climbing in Eastern Washington, chilling in an eddy on the river or shredding some pow in the trees, pull out your Binx Pre-Roll to get the meeting started. Binx Pre-rolls are all-flower, hand packed, cone style joints that are all about convenience. 

Perfect for the person on the go. Toss 'em in your backpack and hit the trail or stash em in your purse for later. We choose pop-top style packaging to protect our pre-rolls through all of your adventures. No more flat joints that need repair, nobody has time for that anyways.

Binx Oil


What makes good concentrates? It all starts before the cannabis ever gets to the extraction lab. Binx Oil is extracted from our quality sun grown cannabis cultivated in Central Washington.  After we make our flower grade we take the rest of the dried plant to the lab where the cannabis is washed with hydrocarbons. This is known in the industry as "blasting" and is the process of stripping the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. We use Propane and Butane for solvents which are then purged out to WA State standards.